I started this website because I had this crazy idea that after making spoons for this long, I  could think about retiring...  and make furniture again...  

But the year started and I hit the road running. I have done more spoon presenting than ever.....

I am happy that so many nice people enjoy my spoons.

* * *

JULY 2014

I will be flying over to show my spoons

this July 19 - 20

at the RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR San Francisco

also July 26-27

at the RENEGADE CRAFT FAIR Los Angeles

* * *

MARCH 2014

I flew over to the NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO in Anaheim California to present my spoons to the Gourmet Specialty Food and Health Food World. It is great to find so many companies that are creating products that care about health and our environment.

I met some kindred spirits here who also have an entrepreneurial energy for creating a better world.

My wife and I are also showing our wood tea accessories, Tea Tangent  that we make together. She loves tea.

Everyone is asking when my shopping cart will go on-line.

I want to thank everyone for being patient and announce that it should be on-line before April.